Saturday, September 12, 2009


Even though we humans are very unique and each and every one of us carrying around very unique personal damage due to the many experiences of hurt, disappointment and failure...whether self induced or brought on by the hands of others, the games we play are not unique at all. They are universal. As the reader enters the life of Steven Kerner, the husband, the father, and the "successful" high powered businessman at the center of the new novel Bo's Cafe, the reader will be able to relate to his mess and to the games he plays in hopes of fixing his mess so as to survive. His games, like our own, are really just a way of dancing around the mess. And Steven again, just like the rest of us, doesn't come to that realization easily.

But through the help of some new friends who have already begun to face up to their games by allowing others to help them, and have made the transition into a new way of living in the grace and love Steven is in desperate need of (even though he is clueless about this when they first meet) something begins to move inside him he doesn't quite understand. And frankly doesn't like all that much either. But like all of us...Steven is in the middle of the story of his life. Change is inevitable. The kind of change we are open to becomes the most important question of our lives.

Bo's Cafe captures the heart of a Father that loves us more than we can ever fully imagine and the kind culture that fosters real healing through love and grace and forgiveness and genuineness. That culture will always be very unique due to the unique individuals that are a part of it. And by it's nature, that culture cannot be patented and franchised. It has to remain completely free. This story captures that freedom.


Keith said...

Hi Kent,

I liked your review so much, that I just ordered this book on amazon.


Kent said...

You won't be disappointed Keith

Drumsforjesus said...

Hi Kent - Great review. You summed it up so well, thank you. I have the extreme priviledge of living in the community that this book was written from. I can tell you it is a wonderful mess!!! Her are a couple of things i have learned from the guys who wrote Bo's.

I am still a mess and it's still OK! - Mike E.