Monday, September 07, 2009


Our hearts are much better guides than our heads much of the time, but it seems the head wins out most of the time. But often we even our found even denying the evidence. This practice of denying the evidence so as to allow ourselves to hang onto our mistaken notions about how we have come to believe things are, will always keep in place the very things that keep the possibility of harmonious relationships from happening.

"Dissonance theory also exploded the self-flattering idea that we humans…process information logically. On the contrary: If the new information is consonant with our beliefs, we think it is well founded and useful: “Just what I always said!” But if the new information is dissonant, then we consider it biased or foolish: “What a dumb argument!” "So powerful is the need for consonance that when people are forced to look at disconfirming evidence, they will find a way to criticize, distort, or dismiss it so that they can maintain or even strengthen their existing belief. This mental contortion is called the “confirmation bias.” "


Sue said...

That is the stupidest bloody quote I've ever read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kent said...

You are way too funny :) hehe