Thursday, October 22, 2009


Three nights ago I was awakened out of a dream in the wee hours of the morning. I rarely remember dreams. As I laid there in bed thinking about all I had just seen it was like a web spreading throughout the world. I finally got up out of bed because I couldn't go back to sleep so I thought I would just sit down at the computer and attempt to write some of my thoughts down. And nothing cohesive that night or the following days ever came together that I could write about. I could have the conversation with you (which I have with a couple people since) but I couldn't write it down.

This morning my friend Wayne posted this (I already know some of you have seen it) and as I sat and read it my dream from Monday night came flooding back into my mind. Reconciliation was at the core of the dream along with the struggle we all find ourselves in. Ugly might seem like it's winning the day on a larger scale but it's not. Ugly has been losing ground ever since grace was revealed and began to change people. This article does not contain the exact same details of my dream (even though racial reconciliation was a part of mine) but it is about the same transforming power that will turn your life around...not by changing the ugly world around you so that life lines up to all the expectations you have placed on it...but it will do it by changing you. And as Flannery O’Connor says in the quote that begins the article the change is painful as it goes to work to seperate us from our old ways of living in this world.

Read the article here“grace-day”-from-trying-harder-and-doing-more-to-a-culture-of-grace/


Sue said...


What an excellent post. I don't know which part to pick out, there were so many that jumped out at me. The concept of, “What I am learning about grace lifts a weight from my shoulders, which is nothing short of invigorating. When we can forgive and accept those who refuse to listen to God’s command to do justice, it allows them to hear God’s judgment without feeling a personal judgment from us. Which, in the end gives our message more integrity. The ability to give grace while preaching justice makes our witness even more effective"

That one thing there could change the whole world.

I think that Christians, who are so desperate and desirous to change the world, will one day change the world once more, and when that time comes they will be less concerned than they ever were about changing the world.

I saw on the train yesterday a poem which had the line, "Be enlightened and then do the dishes" and then I see that same idea here and it made me laugh because it's something I have been thinking about SO MUCH recently. How it is that a small little life consisting of small little things can have so much greatness in it amongst all the normality. It's very beautiful.

Kent said...

Sue, that one thing could change the world

As Bono actually says that in the song Grace....Grace, it's the name for a girl
It's also a thought that changed the world

Maybe you were already thinking of that?

Pretty cool connection to your train ride.