Sunday, October 04, 2009


Okay, I admit to a sad reality I couldn't avoid feeling while watching The National Parks film. But I was able to also see beyond the politics so as to see the beauty that awaits us humans. A beauty/harmony that to this day remains unrealized.

Everything has been politicized and the politicization in a sense, to some degree, destroys by it's very nature all that is valuable and keeps us from getting to the point. Our destructive ways seem to be unavoidable because humans don't know how to live together and care for that which God has created (that includes all that God has created) all people, all creatures, and the earth/cosmos. One response to the film I read had someone making his point against such communist propaganda because it always portrays humans (in his case, capitalists) as greedy exploiters.

For me the issue isn't about politicizing the destructive exploitative ways of any particular group over's about facing reality. Humans for some reason are destructive and exploitative and until that is faced up to no one has a prayer at finding freedom from their own destructive exploitative ways. And until that happens I guess a case can be made for the existence of governments even though they all by nature are a part of the exploitation...they all at least are pushing against one another and in a
sense keep one group or another group from running over all others in perpetuity.

And so I wait, and while I wait my desire is to stay clear of the things that leave us confused about what this is all about.....learning to live loved so that loving the Creator and all that he has created becomes possible.

A song comes to mind


Sue said...

Regarding the comment you repeated about someone saying this film was communist propaganda because it always portrays humans as greedy exploiters.

Was that person a Christian? Because that kind of ill-informed comment sounds like something a Christian would say. There's this real tendency from within Christianity to, way more than any other group of people I've unfortunately had to deal with, to do this strange thing where they will take a particular point of view and judge it not on its merits but by who else uses that point of view. So anything vaguely meditationish is Buddhist and therefore there can be no truth in there because the Buddhists have already claimed that viewpoint. And if you *do* subscribe to a certain thought or idea contained within a particular paradigm - say, for example, certain ideas held within the field of preterism, which says that biblical prophecy has already been fulfilled - then people assume you must subscribe to *all* of the ideas contained within that paradigm. And if you don't, for some reason - even if it is because you are wanting to be discriminating, and because you see bits and pieces of truth in all paradigms - then you are accused of being a spiritual cafeteria shopper.

It's so naiive and childish and so of course Christians think like that in their truckloads :)

This film sounds really great. Is it something that is being shown on TV? I agree, if you get caught in the net of which side is politicising something then you cannot see the truth that lies within the statement - and always, in the political arena, under spin and side-taking. Which does not mean that there is no truth there at all, of course.

Innocent as doves, wily as serpents. I think the way you stay clear out of certain arenas is so smart, and I often think of you when I find myself caught up in something and railing against it all for no purpose :)

Kent said...

Sue, I don't know if the guy who made the comment is a christian or not but you are right when you say that these kind of dismissals come from many in the christian community.

In the post down below this one you will find a link to PBS and you can watch them online. You really would love them. The first two have such a strong John Muir influence and they are wonderful.

And I must say, learning to stay out of the battles and learning to live as free from blinding confining ideologies as is possible has made living much more enjoyable and doable. I have begun to see the enslaving thinking that I had been caught up in...the royal consciousness most are caught up in...and learning of the value of being in it but not of it.

It helps me in staying in touch with the person regarless of their present thinking. There really is no one to "write off" anymore. We all are in someways to some degree caught in the same web of lies.

Rick Gibson said...

It's sad that someone would choose to see it through that lens (as some kind of propaganda). It seemed to me that film portrayed people from all across the spectrum that were involved in helping to establish and preserve our national parks; John Muir, the Rockefeller's, both Roosevelt's, I could go on but you've seen the series. And the opposing crowed seem to come from all across the political spectrum as well. Both for corporate 'greed', and for the 'greater public good'. For my part, I'm happy that these places were preserved, and hope that they stay preserved for future generations. I enjoyed the series, especially the first 2 episodes!

Kent said...

Rick, if you haven't noticed yet, there is a big struggle under way at this time between the staunch conservative movement against anyone they see as being a part of the progressive movement which they fear are destroying America. Teddy Roosevelt and his cousin FDR being some of the first they point to as being responsible for setting it in motion in America.

This film wasn't shy at all at praising the progressives and their influence on the conservation movement in this country.

One thing that stood out to me in the last episode was the mention of Dr King's opponents accusing him of being a communist sympathiser...something the conservatives are trying to attach to President Obama. Turns out Dr King was right...turns out also at least in my humble opinion that the progressives were right about protecting the parks also.

Sue said...

Yeah, well, like I always say, conservative American Christians are taught that to use their own brains is some sort of a sin, and plus they're caught up in the "America the great eagle, rescuing nations for democracy" bullshit. Combine those two things and you get people who choose to believe that communism sits directly to the left of middle right.


Kent said...

all I can say Sue is that this politicization from both sides keeps us stuck and the stuck is really really close to danger because it makes it rather easy to stir and manipulate people's fears.

The conservative christian mindset, of which I used to be trapped in, is a superior mindset and it is set against the message of Jesus and yet they are adamant about accusing the other side as acting, well of being elitist and godless. This is just really really bizarre and maddening

Sue said...

As an aside, Kentster, I think that anger is a correct response to all of this stuff and that there is a place for strong reaction but without strong action - ie. to be angry but to not act on that anger, to not take it out on people who see things that way, because it just fosters more division. To stay out of the battles.

And yet, if there are things you see that make you angry, where you think people are acting unjustly, is there a place for expression of those things? Sometimes I wonder if God does not just want me to not say anything at all if I can't say anything nice (on my blog, I'm talking about). Then I flip backwards to thinking that it is not speaking my own truth, which is also not a good thing. After all, to just be nice and sweet is namby pamby and totally unrealistic. It's so difficult to know what the best thing is to do sometimes! :)

Kent said...

and yes Sue, conservative christians in this country are the loudest supporters of the military complex and it's efforts around the world. They actually in a recent pew research study were the strongest supporters of the use of torture. Like I said, it's all really weird.

Kent said...

Who is it that I get the most angry with????? The conservatives that use God to support their un Christ like efforts.

And yes, I think there is a time and a way of expressing that anger.

Kent said...

off to bed. good night