Sunday, October 18, 2009


We live in a world of uncertainty and most people seem to attempt to live in that world seeking to carve out space that will bring to their lives some level of certainty so as to find some peace and security. It's interesting though when you begin to understand this is a human activity grounded in the realm of fear and there is no peace or security to be found there.

All of the world's systems are geared towards playing on the fears that exist, while the unforced rhythms of grace speak to us of an internal life that is governed by love...which is the opposite of fear...and when set free will become the very thing we are in need of in order to live in peace and full of joy in this world of uncertainty.


Sue said...

I guess we do what we do until Love comes to town :)

You gonna tell us about your dreams, Kentster?

I'd tell you about mine but I'm not remembering them. I'm just waking up in joy once or twice a week, feeling like I've been conversing with Papa. Nice :) WHEEEEEE

Kent said...

Sue, when I woke up the other day from those dreams everything was so ordered I actually had this thought....This might be a book.

Today I don't know how to put the thoughts all together again evem though I could have the conversation with you face to face.

Some of it is trickling out in some of the things I am writing but most of it I am holding back on right now because the culture I live in makes it difficult to speak about.

Sue said...

Timing is everything

Kent said...

I wasn't ever serious about the book either :-)

Sue said...

Oh, okay :) Did pick up your joking through the flat letters on the flat screen :)

But hey, all sorts of things get made into books. Never say never :)