Thursday, October 15, 2009


In a conversation yesterday with my brother we got to discussing how our culture (including the religious one) has left us so malformed when it comes to the things that matter...the things that I have come to believe have been placed in the inner most parts of every human being regardless of race...nationality or religion. The tension I live with, we all live with, that is created by this reality between beauty/ harmony/love/grace and the ugliness created by humans grabbing for themselves without any regard to their neighbor, can be and most often is taxing for us all. But there is also a peace that exists in the midst of the madness that is our hope, but this peace seems to be sold short at best, and at worst, sadly seems to be abandoned altogether by most. Hope deferred makes the heart sick and leads people to do crazy things to one another.

Either the Good News is real or it's not. You know it's a sad day when the heralds of the Good News don't even really themselves believe in the radical Good News. The sermon on the mount for me became not only a way forward but it became a truth/reality that helps me live with the tension and live in the peace that already resides inside me so that I might be able to live in peace with those around me...and Father, give me the strength to be able to do that even with those who seek to do me harm.

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Sue said...

Even with those who seek to do us harm.

I stand with you on that, Kent.

Kent said...

Sue, for 42 years I was a herald of some twisted/unloving message that had been formed from out of the Good News. It wasn't good news at all. But it's all I had because I wasn't someone who by faith had seen the news of Jesus for what it really is....Radically Serious Good News.

Sue said...

How radically serious exactly, brother? How far does it extend?

How far down do you want to go? he asks :)

Hope you are starting to feel better, Mr B.

Kent said...

There is nowhere off limits...too far for love to go.

Love is a radical act of self giving.