Friday, November 20, 2009


I have three daughters, who I hope and pray have long and fulfilling lives, as I hope and pray also for your sons and daughters. For that to happen I get the sense that the community we all live in is in need of a dramatic transformation of values. For that to happen the myths and the dangerous delusions must be seen for what they are and how they are destroying us. What has been happening in my life now for over two decades and what I have gratefully come to see has been happening in many of your lives also, gives me renewed hope.

I've recently been introduced to someone who puts into words much better than I do a case that exposes many of the delusions I came face to face with in my life 4 years ago. These were the delusions I lived in regarding the political and economic systems of the nation I live in. Talk about a disorienting scary experience facing these things that had left me so dysfunctional, all the while thinking I was pretty functional due to the fact that it all was working out pretty well for myself and my family. Jesus got my attention in such a way that had me listening. A year of repentance had passed before I ever realized what was happening. To say nothing looks the same to day is an serious understatement. I've never been more full of hope and I have never been more aware of the challenges that we face. And I have never been more convinced that love and grace and understanding are the only way forward.

So here is former US Army Colonel Andrew J. Bacevich. Listen through to the end to hear the pain this man carries around due to this dysfunctional reality we all find ourselves in.


Kirk said...

Watched these this afternoon. I was a little familiar with him but had not heard such a clear, in-depth, and profoundly sad explanation of our situation. I remember hearing a friend totally dismiss what he had to say as the blow back of a grieving Dad and anti-war zealot. It is really sad how we convince ourselves that pro-war is somehow good or right. And at the time, I didn't see the sadness in our collective ability to dismiss anything with which we disagree by calling someone a "fill in the blank".

This really is a very cogent explanation of how what we want so often leads us down all kinds of roads that deliver exactly the opposite of what we want.

Thanks for posting this.

Kent said...

Your welcome Kirk.

Yeah, why is a person who is anti-war concidered a zealot? I really think zealotry is the other way around.

It's high time as Mr. Bacevich says to take a look in the mirror.