Friday, November 27, 2009


The Manhatten Declaration. You can download it here and read it if you so desire.

Here is something I posted in a Facebook conversation in regards to it and a friend bringing up the encounter with Jesus and the "guilty-themselves-angry-judgemental-mob" feeling it was their duty to stone the one they had caught breaking the rules.

There are a lot of stones being thrown. It seems the point Jesus was trying to make in that moment is so easily lost with people malformed by religious training.

Religion is all about "group think" and every group I had ever been a part of when it comes to the pursuit of TRUTH, with then all other things playing second fiddle to that, is that people feel justified with this kind of exclusive thinking and tossing stone because they assume that their judgements are true. The driving force behind this adventure in missing Jesus' point is that this is how religion shapes people to see G-O-D. And this scary character's justice is all about setting things right by pouring out judgement/punishment on all the wrong doers PERFECTLY. This flawed thinking leads them to think God is the ultimate perfect stone thrower. The closer they think they are to this G-O-D's truth, the more confident they become in their own judgements of others.

All the while God's beautiful justice is completely missed.

This from from Penal Substitution vs Christus Victor by Dereck Flood and he draws a stark contrast, when put up against this declaration, between the justice Father has in mind and is/has accomplished and the justice religious people seem actually still be hungering for.

"Even if we are hostile to God, reacting destructively towards life, violently reacting to the authority images we struggle with - God's response as revealed in Jesus is not to crush us as we might expect, but to break the cycle of estrangement and rivalry with the transforming power of love. We see on the cross, in Richard Rohr's terms, "the naked God". ,God is made small, stripped naked, arms stretched out, so that our false image of a threatening judgmental God is taken away and God's heart of love for us is revealed. The threat is removed; we have nothing to fight against. God surrenders first so we can give up the fight too and come home. The cycle of rivalry and violence is broken through the weakness of God on the cross."


Sue said...

Well, yes indeed that is God's response :) It's wonderfully captivating and alluring and comforting when you realise that tantrums that would do a two year old proud are of no consequence to his love :)

Kent said...

It is comforting

Kent said...

even better than a warm blanket

zinger said...

Hey Kent,

Loved the quote from Rohr. Once the old fear based view of the cross gets stripped away, there is so much more to the love that was displayed on it. Kind of like comparing an old black and white photo with a 3D movie.


Kent said...

Jon, it literally changes how you see everything that was going on before it and everything that is going on after it.

People who are still stuck in seeing it through a prism of fear are still functioning just as everyone did before the cross of Jesus ever happened. They are still living as if they are under the law of fear and death even though they might use some language to the contrary.

zinger said...


Yup it sure does:))