Sunday, November 01, 2009


I've learned much from nature. There is something very healthy and completely natural about accepting the progressive nature of life. It's a perpetual cycle of new beginnings..seasons of growth...time for letting go. And it's all done with little effort. Nature never wastes time trying to be something other than it was created to be.

I'm so done with the human activity of carving out space and defending it as if it's an arrival point. The only things that stay in the condition of sameness are dead. I lived there too many days of my life and I'm not interested in going back.

Simplifying how I live, what I allow myself to get involved with has made this transition (returning to a life more in tune with how I was created to live) possible. Learning what is necessary and letting go of that which is not, has been at the heart of this transition. It's funny how in the culture I have been shaped by, entertainment of all sorts turns out to be a way of "unwinding" from the things people would call necessity. I came to find out that just like everything else, this was upside-down thinking. That way of unwinding wasn't really helping me at all. It was instead just something else that was at work draining the tank and distracting me from the Life I was in need of.


Sue said...

Oh yeah I totally get you about the "entertainment" thing. I find the unforced rhythms of grace tend to be the best sort of re-creation, rather than being mindlessly and passively fed something that just feels like more of the same in many ways.

Thanks for continuing to share your journey, Kent.

Kent said...

I'm glad you understood that Sue. Most don't and look at me like I am nuts.