Saturday, December 26, 2009


As much as I do believe that one will have some trouble in this world if they claim Jesus as Lord...Christianity has made this much worse. Once the message of Jesus was subverted by a religion that became the legitimating voice of empire and then marched through the world from one nation to another creating one empire after another...why are we surprised by the dangerous clash between the people of the world's religions that have more to do with locale and culture and power than they have ever had to do with God the Father's liberating plan of redemption and reconciliation of a family.

And I get the sense that most of the trouble the one, who's lord is Jesus, faces in this world, comes from the world's religions (even Christianity) who think they understand God and think he is on their side and is against all others who don't fit into their religion and who think it's their job through force to protect God....which turns out to be more about protecting themselves.

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