Thursday, December 17, 2009


When we become people governed by ideologies it seems we become people who who can no longer see that the people of differing ideologies are actually people who deserve to be heard and more importantly, respected. People of differing ideological perspectives have ended up there based upon the experiences they have had and the script that has shaped them. Scripts defined by ideologies are the stuff that keep destructive approaches to living in this world alive. It creates a world, for said individuals, made up of enemies...those people out there that are different than we are. It's why we are all in need of making critics a part of our life. I don't want to live surrounded by people that just parrot what I think or believe to be true.

"Given that everyone has some blindspots, our greatest hope of self-correction lies in making sure we are not operating in a hall of mirrors, in which all we see are distorted reflections of our own desires and convictions. We need a few trusted naysayers in our lives, critics who are willing to puncture our protective bubble of self justifications and yank us back to reality if we veer too far off. This is especially important for people in positions of power." from the book Mistakes Were Made (but not by me)

The Christianity many of us have grown up in seems to have created such a people that thrive on being isolated from critical thought and in turn inoculated with just enough of God that keeps us from actually being able to hear him and know him, which leads said people to reflect something out into their world that is a grand distortion of God.

We need to learn to listen and and to learn to allow others to help us take a critical look at ourselves.

"One sign of Christian maturity may be a readiness to hear the argument through to the end, rather than what many Christians are eager to do, short circuiting the argument in the interest of quick fix spirituality or missiology." NT Wright

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