Wednesday, December 09, 2009


This life with all it's uncertainty is a tricky thing indeed. Eliminating much of the unnecessary stuff doesn't remove the uncertainty but it seems to be a help when it comes to the level of peace we can access. A life of scrambling and a life of peace just don't seem to be able to exist along side one another. But the life of peace makes the necessary stuff much more doable.

My daughters don't yet have much of a life of peace and the realm of necessity is something they have yet to come to understand and they are all caught up in the unnecessary, thinking it's where life and fun are to be found. I just hope for them the transition from having much of it taken care of for it being something that they have to manage mostly on their own goes well for them. The world of uncertainty can be rather brutal on scrambling humans.

But then again it took me 42 years to get to that place where I began to make the transition to a healthier space. I just keep hoping they are able to find the life of freedom sooner than I did. But I'm painfully aware of the reality that this doesn't happen according to my timetable

So with that being the case....myself living a life defined by peace makes it far more likely that I will be able to be a safe place for them and an encouragement and help to them until they begin to find that life of freedom....the one that has to be relaxed into.

Anne Lamott is responsible for this post. Something from her book Plan B came to mind tonight

"My friend Mark, who works with church youth groups reminded me recently that Sam doesn't need me to correct his feelings. He needs me to listen, to be clear and fair and parental. But most of all he needs me to be alive in a way that makes him feel he will be able to bear adulthood, because he is terrified of death, and that includes growing up to be one of the stressed-out, grey-faced adults he sees rushing around him."

And then I was reminded of this from The Shack.

"I've been talking to you for a long time, but today was the first time you could hear it, and all those other times weren't a waste either. Like little cracks in the wall, one at a time, but woven together they prepared you for today. You have to take the time to prepare the soil if you want it to embrace the seed."

"I'm not sure why we resist it, resist you so much," Mack mused. "It seems kind of stupid now."

"It's all part of the timing of grace, Mack," Jesus continued. "If the universe contained only one human being, timing would be rather simple. But just add one more, and, well, you know the story. Each choice ripples out through time and relationships, bouncing off of other choices. And out of what seems to be a huge mess, Papa weaves a magnificent tapestry. Only Papa can work all of this out, and she does it with grace."

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Sue said...

That Lamott quote is such a corker. So true!