Sunday, December 20, 2009


"I had begun to believe the myth called responsibility, and it turned what had been spontaneity into suffocation in my soul. It made even breathing hard work. The storm around me stopped being an opportunity to dance with Jesus and started to look like a sentence of drowning." Michele Perry....from her book Love Has A Face

Being governed by the myth of responsibility is a tyranny....learning to respond from moment to moment to what is going on around you is of the stuff of grace and freedom.

I learned this the hard way. Maybe we all have to? I was suffocating and all I knew was to push for more responsibility from those around me and myself because it was my responsibility to do so. Today I really do see it as the tyranny that it is. My life has calmed down simply because internally I have calmed down. There still seems to be some form of a storm in progress at any given moment but the storm inside me is being displaced.

Learning to respond is all about staying flexible so that you can move with the flowing unpredictable tide of life. It's much more a possibility in that space to be able to live the life of doing (which is a present moment thing) only that which you see our Father doing. Humans are conditioned by the life of independence to attempt to follow principles and rules (law) and try to find the right ones to fit the situation at hand and they never fit which leaves us trying to manipulate people and the situation to conform to the law...(which in most cases is our interpretation of the law because in actuality that approach has led us to act like we are god). Freedom is always destroyed inside that paradigm. That life, is suffocating to everyone.

For this to become a reality, trust in a bigger picture becomes essential. Because in this world, given birth by human independence, fear has become the driving force, and out of fear, the myth of responsibility has captured the human mind. It has led us to believe the lie that if we do all the "right" things we can eliminate uncertainty from our experience and make life work out the way we want it to. An honest look at history...the larger one and our own...tells us something very different.


Justin Boggs said...

"Doing only what you see the Father doing."

My heart yearns to understand what that truly means. The Holy Spirit never let's that out of my consciousness. But oh to have the eyes to truly see what the Father is doing. That is the heart of it isn't it?

Increase my vision Lord.

Sue said...

The prosperity gospel runs right into our souls, doesn't it? I do good, where's my good I should be getting?

I love this space of being. It is sobering to me to see how easily I can fall out of it when the pressure comes on and the emotions kick into gear. Or maybe that's simply a part of my makeup, I'm not sure. But whatever way, I know that in this space true acceptance of ourselves comes, true love for ourselves and others. It's a beautiful thang to ride the unpredictability waves, and even enjoy them.

Kent said...

I had a situation with one of my daughters yesterday that had left me so frustrated. In the middle of it she at one point told me she was sorry and would try harder from now on. I immediately told her that I certainly wasn't trying to convey to her that trying harder was what she was in need of, but instead that the script inside her head needed to be reworked....just like it needs to be reworked in all of us.

Until the words that Father has spoken/is speaking become more real to us than the scripts/lies that the world offers us, nothing will change...trying harder will make no difference other than maybe building more frustration which hopefully serves as a help in getting us to give up the game of trying harder to please everyone according to the world's scripts.

Sue said...

Yah, it's all about "trying harder" in the world's script.

Such a strange illusion, that if only we tried a little bit harder we would be perfectly accomplishing what we are not able to do now. We are surely strange creatures with the things we think up :)

Sammy said...

Faith is our respone to His grace. Another way to say it is, Faith is our response TO His ability or provision in Jesus. Thus, my definition of responsibilty. It is an action of his grace. Jesus lives in and through us if we "BELIEVE". Seems we forget that word sometimes. We "believe" to make it a reality to us.