Sunday, December 27, 2009


WOW. Are we ever in need of the process of the renewing of our minds, and how we see things, and how our minds then process what is going on around us, and in us, which then determines the way forward that we choose to go. The ravaged path of independence hides well within what is accepted as wisdom and sound reasoning.

I'm just acutely aware this morning of the delicate work that only the hands of the most gentle gracious lover can accomplish when it comes to untangling the tightly wound complicated damaged puzzles each of us are.

I had a friend once describe it to me (and I love the picture) each of us as individuals are one long unbroken untangled piece of string when we are born and with each and every hurt and disappointment a knot gets formed in the sting and this process happens over and over in our lives until we are a large tangled tightly wound ball. Then we humans attempt to untangle the knots we see in others, when we are tangled up balls of damage ourselves. We pull and tug on those strings and often are just tightening the knots and sometimes we even break the string causing even more damage.

The one who created us, the one who is familiar with our uniqueness and the uniqueness of our damage knows how to untangle the mess without breaking the string. I either want to collaborate with him in that process, when invited to do so, or I want to leave it alone, so as to not add anymore unnecessary knots to the string...or even worse, create a break.


Rich said...


I liked this, thanks.
Also I liked what Oz Chambers said here I see it fitting in well with what you shared.

The alignment that is unfolding within our lives imo is only possible because of our being made one with our creator and Father, aka, we are being redefined after our spirit union and no longer after our first birthing!

Sue said...

Yeah, nice analogy.

The one who created us feels galaxies away to me at the moment, so far away that right now it doesn't even feel like he exists.

This is a case for Michael Leunig :)

The untangling goes down deep, right down to the bottom of the bones.

Kent said...

Sue, I'm familiar with those seasons also.