Friday, January 22, 2010


"We have made our false economy a false god, and it has made blasphemy of the truth. So I have met the economy in the road, and am expected to yield it right of way. But I will not get over. My reason is that I am a man, and have a better right to the ground than the economy."

We are in the home stretch moving towards the day when Michael Isaiah Designs For Hair will close it's doors for good. We are being displaced by the big idea of maximization. See, the landowners can expand their capital by selling out to one of the big box grocery stores in our region. To make the situation even more maddening, there now sits a big empty building across the street from us that used to be home to the other big box grocery store in our region that left it behind a couple months ago to move three blocks down the street in order to put up a bigger and better grocery store. Rest assured, that store is out of this world when it comes to grocery much so, it's obnoxious.

The competitor that will be building in our present location will more than likely have to one-up the new obnoxious one down the street with an even more obnoxious display. It just seems to be the mantra of this suicide machine (beast) we find ourselves in.

In a conversation yesterday with a client of mine who is a financial advisor, I said something to her that left her surprised and a bit dumbfounded. We had been in a discussion about the insanity of government and banks and corporations, and yes, even the average American citizen when it comes to this sick dance everyone seems to have gotten pulled into. She at one point had asked if I knew what was going to be done to the empty property across the street to which I responded by saying that it would more than likely be more shops to sell more crap that isn't needed....the same crap that is being sold by countless shops up and down the street already. I then told her that if I had the money, I would love to buy that property and level the concrete/brick/steel/glass building and return the space to green space. She said..."Now I don't think I have ever heard anyone suggest spending their money that way. Everybody is always looking to maximize the profits of their capital." She then looked at me and smiled and said....."Wow, green space, or a park for people to enjoy. I like that idea."

Well, I don't have the money, so more than likely it will eventually be more shops offering more crap. I know, I'm an odd-ball.....but if it was up to me, it would be a park or a garden.


Sue said...

Everyone wanting a return on their investment = hell, really.

How awesome that would be, to buy up a block to put a park in it!! Awesome!! Awesome! Awesome!


Kent said...

Sue, if I was wealthy in the monetary sense...I would spend my life doing it.

zinger said...

And that would be a worthy pursuit my friend.