Saturday, January 30, 2010


The ones captured by love, seeing it as the only way forward, always remain the vulnerable ones.


Sue said...

Kent, this makes me cry. There are tears running down my face. In some ways I do not want this to be so. I want to not be so vulnerable that the tears run down my face so often, but I do not want to not be captured by love. It is the only way forward, it is.

I think sometimes my extra tears are because I see that so clearly in the way Love moves through me to others, and I see others changed, and I do not somehow believe that Love has the same life for me that I see others entering into.

But that is silly. It is presuming there is some kind of a lack. How on earth could I presume such a thing when I know and feel and see that Love moving through me and moving through others? Such a silly conception ...


Kent said...

I guess it is the tension Sue between now and not yet and the heartbreak and laughter and joy and pain. I understand perfectly the tears.

Sue said...

Yeah, but the tears are good too. I would rather cry every day than be numb.

And of course I think of Sarayu stoppering up those tears.

That's a beautiful photo.

Kent said...

I love this photo also. I remember the night while I sat on the highside in awe of the storm clouds all around me. This is actually the glow from the sun sitting in the west reflecting off these clouds in the eastern sky