Thursday, April 29, 2010




Sue said...

You and God/ess make a most wonderful and charming artistic pair, Kent.

That fourth one down - wow, and wow, and wow. Beautiful. Thank you for feeding me from your garden this morning :)

Kent said...

Thank you so much Sue for the complement

Kent said...

And yes, I agree, the Japanese Maple 'Autumn Moon' right next to the Aberta Spruce 'Rainbow's End' makes a stunning combination

zinger said...

Hey Kent, you take such amazing pictures. I love the Japanese maple we have a couple in our backyard. They are something. What kind of camera do you use. I find it difficult to get good quality closeups with our digital camera.

Kent said...

Thanks Jon. I have an Olympus E-300 EVOLT

I still want a macro lens and a zoom lens

Some of these I have cropped in order to make them look even more close up than they actually are. But to do that the original photo has to be very clear and crisp or you just lose too much resolution when you crop it and the photo become fuzzy