Friday, April 16, 2010


But most keep trying and making a bigger mess as they do. Father tells us what he will do and we choose to go and attempt to do it our way.

“Cain has no way of knowing that the mark (which he cannot see) will suffice to protect him, even in the depth of his sin, from his disobedience, from his separation from God. And n...ow Cain will spend his life trying to find security, struggling against hostile forces, dominating men and nature, taking guarantees that are within his reach, guarantees that appear to him to be genuine but which in fact protect him from nothing.” from the book The Meaning Of The City by Jacques Ellul

It seems we don't find freedom from this situation as a group through the teaching of sound biblical comes to the individual through personal revelation. And it changes everything. A whole new world opens up in a way that could not be seen before and the old mission that has always been impossible is now seen...not as mission possible....but MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

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