Thursday, April 22, 2010


Automation certainly does allow humans to accomplish more. But how were we ever duped into thinking this was about more? Machines will make more possible, but in too many cases what is produced leaves much to be desired and beside that, the process it subjects humans to robs us of something important.

Could I install an automated watering system to take care of the water needs of my garden? Sure I could. But like all systems it would have to be calibrated by looking at the garden as a single unit...which it is not. I know these plants because I am the one caring for them on a daily basis. I have now been at work in this garden for 15 years. There is no automated watering system that can know what I know and adjust to what is needed...just as there is no system in this world that can take each individual human being and their unique needs into consideration. Life is personal business. It requires we slow down and pay attention and pick up signs so as to know what is going on so we have a better chance at knowing what is needed. And as we learn to do that we will come to find out there is more joy and peace and beauty and rest to be found here than one can even begin to imagine.

Learning to slow down and beginning to do more with my hands again has allowed me the time to see clearly what had been taken from me by this fast paced world. Time has slowed. The meaning of Eternal Life has also drastically changed for's about quality of days, not quantity. Even though I still think quantity applies as well in some unfathomable mysterious way.

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