Sunday, May 30, 2010


"Most emotions are responses to perception---what you think is true about a given situation. If your perception is false, then your emotional response to it will be false too."

What a mine field this life is. This quote from The Shack is so profound and more than likely something most people live their lives never giving any thought to. The extreme confidence we humans carry around in regards to how we perceive our way of seeing things, as reality, makes us dangerous people...landmines ready to go off (represented in our choices) at any given moment, causing damage to ourselves and to others. And all for what???...defending our little self serving world view that has left us incapable of owning up to our participation in the creation of the environment that leaves us all bruised and battered.

Walking alongside teenagers as they walk through the mine field created by the mines they have laid themselves and those laid by others is not for the faint of heart. And having said that, I must also add that walking in the world of adults, a world that pretty much mirrors that of teenagers, isn't any easier. And the reality that the adults of this world aren't any better off when it comes to the difficulties created by trying to walk through this life, full of false perceptions and false emotional responses, leaves the younger generations with few people to help show them a different way. And the destructive cycle just keeps repeating itself.

Until something changes the game for the individual (teenager or adult) and the renewal/transformation begins.

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