Friday, May 14, 2010


No, I can't eliminate the ugliness created by humans when they choose to travel the ravaged path of independence...but I can refuse to allow it to cause me to miss the beauty that is right in front of me at all times.

Just a few moments ago as I walked through my garden this afternoon, this scene caught my attention. The afternoon really is wonderful beyond description. The past week has been rainy, warm and very muggy...but not this afternoon following today's rain. Today's rain was caused by a cold front passing through. The haze in the air is gone which makes the sun reflecting off this maple, at this particular moment, the very thing I needed to pull me out of the less than pleasant thoughts that filled my mind as I began the walk through the garden. Such moments also help bring me back into a better present-moment-perspective and future hope. Love and grace and peace and joy and reconciliation I will not allow to be wrestled from my hands by the circumstances created by those still floundering around, looking for an answer, in the realm of law and power and control and manipulation.

Thanks for the interruption Papa.


zinger said...

They are like tiny rays of hope in the midst of the dark stormy days and seasons in life. Your post reminded me of the chapter from Voyage of the Dawn Treader, where the ship sails into the darkness and they can't get out and are filled with terror. Aslan appears to Lucy as an Albatros giving her light and hope, in that dark place. Father has an unlimited number of ways of reaching his children. Cool thanks for sharing pics from you amazing garden.

The only thing I love better is dew on the leaves or frost. Cheers Jon

Kent said...

Jon, all that's so true.

I have some pretty cool frost pictures also