Tuesday, May 04, 2010


"I do not desire to reach my former lofty goals. I do not wish to be great any longer. Echoes of words gone by, shadows of my former heart and its destiny of greatness (at least in my mind) haunt me now, embarrass me, prod me, humble me. Obscurity is such a blessing; that men would ignore me, pass my little sail boat on their yachts and ocean liners as they power toward the shore I once sought. It brings perspective to my quivering soul; to be trampled upon by other’s ambition is not pleasant, yet somehow fitting, somehow healing." ML


Bones said...

"The Doldrums"-- that was the word my wife used a couple of days ago to try to describe to some friends where we felt that we were, since the convoy of the ministry that we were a part of has sailed on without us, and we find ourselves unexpectedly back in the U.S. after so many years overseas. I wish that I could fully echo the sentiment expressed above... I'm on my way to that being my understanding, but I'm honestly not there yet. Obscurity... that appears to be the place in which Father has us for the present. Some years ago A.W. Tozer published a book titled "Five Vows for Spiritual Power", and one of the vows was "Seek Obscurity". I'm not seeking power, or obscurity for that matter, but it seems to have found me. The question is, what will be my response to the place in the journey that Father has brought me?

Kent said...

I understand Ron.

I am so content with just living this life out a day at a time with no expectaions placed on them. As a husband a dad a friend a hairstylist a gardener and whatever else Father is doing and invites me into. No fan fare and no desire for it feels so healthy and so much a part of freedom

Rick Gibson said...

Thanks for pointing us to this post. It is so very descriptive of where I've been for the last few months. I feel the same restlessness to find a new destination, but I refuse to move on without Father's nudge.