Monday, June 21, 2010


Ain’t it crazy
What’s revealed when you’re not looking all that close
Ain’t it crazy
How we put to death the ones we need the most

When we are caught up in the human activity of blaming everybody else for our life sucking, we more than likely will also be caught up in running off...rejecting...the people we need most. Being stuck in this desolate space even keeps us from seeing that the ones that we are bugged by the most are actually the ones showing us love in ways we can't even understand. The road running through history is strewn with lovers and grace givers whose lives have been cut short or who have been cast to the side as if they are the problem and stand in the way. Love often does lie dying in the street. And people who are caught up in scapegoating die alone and lonely.


Kent said...

I posted these lyrics on Facebook today and love what Warren added

"Makes me think of the fact that usually the people that annoy us the most are the ones that are or could be most instrumental in helping us change something in our life that needs changing.
Because often what is annoying us about them is present in our own life.

This idea is worth a consideration at least."

Kent said...

I love how these things work. A friend of mine on Facebook (the author of Bo's Cafe) just posted this in his status. It is from Bo's Cafe and it fits perfectly here within this blog post

"...until you let someone shine a light into your room, nothing's gonna change. Life's gonna get more painful, more confusing and darker."

artmish said...


I just listened today to the God Journey podcast called "The Folly of Judging". It really went along with your posts here. It's so true how quickly we make a judgment of another's motives and we are off down a horrible road of defensiveness and "justifiable" nastiness right back.

Even to people who we love the most and are the closest, we can build up such bad (and probably wrong) perceptions of why they are doing something.

The ending of that podcast was sobering but also left me asking what can I do to cut that process off in myself?

I found myself thinking about how having an understanding and a security in our father's love for me is a good place to start.