Monday, July 26, 2010


This that follows doesn't bode well for us who have been raised in a culture such as ours. Unless we can recapture the imagination necessary to see a change happen in regards to how we live in it. Art and poetry have a way of capturing our heart/imagination but those have been pushed aside in our harried space with a different form of "learning".....crude instruction...assimilation of facts and the process by which efficiency is achieved.

"There is an artfulness in being human." Ellen Davis

"Poetry can't be read in distraction." Wendell Berry

"Poetry slows you down. And I think that anything that slows you down in our world now, is to be valued. And maybe is a gift and a calling from God" Ellen Davis

The poetry and artfulness of life, and the life that resides inside me that I had lost, was partially awakened in me in my garden and in the larger garden we all share. Slowing down, by stepping out of the manic pace I had been traveling at, to once again see it and enjoy it as I had as a child has all felt like grace. Grace brought me here and it is only grace that will sustain me in this world I live in and share with many other creatures of all kinds. Even as they are still caught up in the manic pace. Maybe especially?

Here's a lovely podcast to go along with this. It's where the quotes come from....LAND, LIFE, and the POETRY OF CREATURES

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