Thursday, July 08, 2010


Have our minds been so assaulted and conditioned by the royal consciousness (as Walter Brueggemann calls it) to where most never even consider that there might be something so destructive about the scripts we are given to live by? The way of living on the playing field we were born and that we accept without question. Or is it just that people feel so powerless in the face of it all to even be capable of imagining that it is possible to really experience a change in the way we live in this world, as we move from moment to moment...with one another? I've come to see it, through what I have experienced in myself and engaging with others, that with most people, both are true in most people's minds. I've also come to know that both are completely untrue in the most important sense. There is a different way. But the process of getting there might just be the most difficult thing a human being ever faces. If an individual ever slows down long enough to spend time thinking about it critically, it is possible that an entirely new way would come into view. And as much of a challenge as that is...stepping out of that familiar stream takes a lot of trust and a lot of courage. Trust is where the courage we are in need of, comes from.

I challenge you to begin to try to imagine a way of seeing yourself living in this world outside of the scripts you have been shaped by? Example: Does the all too common universal script of law and control ever have the power to change the game? And you don't even need to think about the game in the larger sense. Does it have the power to change your own personal experience? You might just find out that it's actually one of those big things that is standing in the way.

And if our minds begin with, or immediately slip back into questions it realistic or politically practical or economically viable...we will remain stuck because those are questioned conditioned in us by the script. As Baxter Kruger describes it...It's like your mind being run through a meat grinder.

To find your life, you must lose it has never before made more brilliant sense to me than it does from this different space where being able to imagine for the first time a life outside the script is possible.

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Rich said...

The same grace that is making this new space available for you is the same amazing grace waiting for those just like us still being unplugged from our inner not yet realized scripts.

Loved it Kent, thanks!