Saturday, July 31, 2010


We all live in a culture stripped of grace and we have all been shaped and malformed by the harsh experience in this harsh environment. Grace will heal us and make our work spaces...our homes...or anywhere else for that matter, more human again...the way it was intended to be.

This morning I have been revisiting the conversation I have been quoting from a lot over the past few days. As I was on my way to the new salon this morning, and was nearing the end of the podcast, Krista and John got to talking about our work places. It all just felt very timely. Whether it's our work spaces...our home...or anywhere else, we all are in desperate need of this change.

"In our culture, we are very adept at letting the intellect speak, we have opinions and we know how to express them, we've become extremely good at letting our emotions speak. We have to find ways to create a different kind of atmosphere than we normally have, to allow the soul to find it's's public voice. We have to create quiet, inviting, trustworthy spaces for that to happen." The Quaker...Parker Palmer

As hard as that is to do in our homes, it seems even more a challenge to make happen in the places we work, where the "bottom line" and productivity seem to dominate. Spaces defined by grace and understanding are the kinds of spaces that build trust that allows people to let their guard down long enough so they can experience what it feels like to be accepted once the masks of performance come off. It's quite the challenge in a culture stripped of grace that has allowed and often encouraged the valuing of the accumulation of stuff over the valuing of people.

I me a dreamer. That's okay. I would rather dream and allow the prophetic imagination to be cultivated in me that has a way of inspiring hope for change than to live with the hope stealing perspective that this is the way it is and the way it will remain. And I'm not talking about living in denial of the reality that now surrounds us. What I am talking about is something even more based in realism and honesty. And that is...being honest about the mess I am personally, in all my "un-done-ness", and to accept you as you are, in all your un-done-ness, along with accepting the reality that I cannot change your mess or that of anyone else. But I can give you a break and give myself a break so that we can all reach higher, which in and of itself has a way of changing us all. It's called GRACE.

Come next Tuesday, the doors of the new salon open for the first time for business. I'm hoping the staff (my friends) that have been together now for many years will turn more than just the page that turns simply by us moving to a new location. I hope we are able to find the inspiration, courage, and patience, that will take a team that works pretty well together already, to a team that learns what it takes to turn a work environment into a healing environment governed by grace and harmony.

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