Saturday, July 03, 2010


This morning I took a break from my normal Saturday routine which always has me spending the morning, till noon, in the salon. Most of my time has been spent in the garden, cleaning up. I grabbed my hand saw and pruners and went to work on an area that had become overgrown. It's always the kind of time spent that helps set my mind to thinking.
We had a very hot and humid May and June this year but the first few days of July have been a nice break. This morning's weather was just lovely, but now that cool is giving way to some heat and humidity that will now dominate this holiday week end.

Another thing that has happened over the past few years, that has become a break-away-from-the-normal routine, happens to do with how I process the celebration this nation partakes in every year at this time. My thoughts this morning while in the garden were certainly defined by this very different way of seeing my place in this world and I know this puts me at odds with most of my neighbors. The cool thing is this new way of seeing things none the less expands the realm of neighbor for me and is the very power that can defuse the all too common unneighborly behavior the other way of thinking keeps people trapped in.

It's not the concept of independence that my mind focuses on these days. That's a ravaged path. It always has been. My mind is in need of being set free from that path and instead renewed so as to see and understand the beautiful/peaceful life of dependence.

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Bones said...


Thanks for the thought! I love the dependence on Father/Son/Spirit, and the interdependence of Jesus' Body, that has superseded the independence that so dominates our flesh apart from Him.