Sunday, July 18, 2010


Some things are just too easy to misconstrue due to certain words being etched in people's minds along with the meaning people have settled on. Violence being one such word. I woke up this morning with this little line running through my head. We are loved with a love that will do violence to the things that stand in the way of our freedom....but we must allow it...because this love will not violate us.

As I have thought on this some more, The Shack came to mind as a perfect example. Violence was certainly a part of that story...two fold. I'm not speaking here of the kind of violence Missy encountered or that Mack had been effected by since he was a little boy and was still trapped by as a man. The kind of violence and corresponding fear most people are trapped by. In regards to what was on my mind as I woke this morning, I was thinking of a wholly other violence....that doesn't look like the other violence at all.

Mack did encounter another form of violence while at The Shack. God's wrath. God's love. In my own life, I have come to know this Love as being faithfully dangerous. But I play a part in the encounter because this form of violence is not aggressive and intrusive. It must be invited in and given permission. And the outcome of this violence I speak is beautiful and freeing for the person...never destructive....well, only to that which is in need of being destroyed....the very things that are enslaving and destroying the object of the Creator's affection.

When invited in as one begins to trust, this love will do violence to the things that stand in the way of us being set free. It will in the process displace the fear that leaves us doing the other kind of violence to ourselves and others.

And it makes a world of difference and leaves us with something tangible and other worldly


Nicole said...

Hey there! Love the changes that you made to your blog.... It's great!

Kent said...

Thanks Nicole.