Saturday, July 10, 2010


I find myself often thinking about the larger picture (which I do find helpful) but always find that the Spirit always moves to bring it back home to the personal, internal and external. On the larger scale, the scars created by the myth of scarcity and it's accompanying lies that jerk people around and keep them trapped in self sabotaging activities is so apparent. But the larger context is just a reality created by the hold the myth of scarcity has on the individual. It's just a sad painful reality in light of the truth that when it comes to what we need, the promise has always been and still is...abundance.


Bones said...

I love your thought here, Kent! As I hike through our Colorado mountains (an activity I've been enjoying more and more lately!), I'm struck by the overabundance of wildflowers, of wildlife... everything from hummingbirds to ants to butterflies..., of fresh air and sunshine and clouds and rain. As partakers in Father's creation, we've been wonderfully provided for with both what we need, and with so much that we may think we have no use for, and yet which is intricately interwoven with our own physical and spiritual existence here on earth. Stewarding an abundance for all to enjoy requires a very different mentality than that of "managing a scarcity". It would be good to explore this further.

Kent said...

I don't know if you noticed or not Bones. I made your comment into a status update on Fb