Friday, August 27, 2010


What follows is from John O'Donohue from his book BEAUTY The Invisible Embrace

CREATION IS IMBUED WITH EROS. EACH LANDSCAPE, EACH SEASON has it's own quiet Eros. In contrast to the glory of autumnal colour which is like the flaming of a final twilight, winter is a chaste season. Nothing flourishes. Every field and tree is cleaned back to the bleak grey whatever muted colour endures seems ghost-like. But as ever, the circle travels on to it's own beginning. And just when amnesia seems absolute, the first tones of spring commence their flaming.

Within a short while the exiled Eros of nature stages a magnificent return. From dark under-life of cold fields, infinite tribes of grass ascend. Skeleton trees allow themselves a shimmering of leaves. Flowers arrive as if this were the place they had always dreamed. Having travelled through thousands of miles of sky and ocean, swallows return to there favorite holiday nests in outdoor sheds. Local birds become passionate architects high up in the network of trees. The terse silence of winter has given way to the whole symphony of spring.

Eros has awakened. The shadow-dream of winter is coming to life in every corner. Birth is the inner and outer song of spring. If winter is the oldest song, then spring is the youngest season. The Eros of the earth calls forth the beauty of spring.


Lucky said...

Nice. Very nice. Apart from Eros being the Greek god of sexual love and beauty. The sentiment though is beautiful.

Kent said...


Rich said...


This was masterfully illustrated with your pictures, thank you so much!

I shared John's pod cast and this blog entry here with my daughter (who is a poet) and we both saw and heard the music so clearly.

Regarding the use of the word, "Eros" in my opinion, I see far beyond what many have limited it to, much like what and how the word "landscape" is used from John's understanding.

Kent said...

Thanks Rich. I'm glad it all spoke to you and your daughter. Like I have said a few times now...when I first listened to that interview on speaking of faith I was so struck by this reality...No one has better described my journey of the past 5 years than did John in that interview. Beauty/landscapes/music....inner and outer is where it has all come to life

And I am with you on the Eros thing.