Thursday, August 12, 2010


As I try to keep this blog real when it comes to living in this world with other human beings by sharing the struggles right along side the joys...I must also keep it real in regards to the story of the garden I share on this blog. This summer (extremely hot and humid) has been a reality check when it comes to gardening. We humans aren't as bright as we think we are. We can cheat by taking plants out of their native landscapes and with a little knowledge try to duplicate that a point. But it's never the same and it causes extra work for both plant and gardener and the beauty never quite matches the natural even on the best of days.

There's a lesson in there for us humans as well in regards to the harsh unnatural environments we have created for ourselves and then are left attempting to live in

This Japanese Maple always shows some leaf scorch towards the end of the season but this year it is showing a lot. This will severely diminish the normal beautiful color change this tree usually produces each fall.

This is another Japanese White Pine (to the left)that has not survived the stress of the summer onslaught and this empty space below is created due to the loss of another beautiful Japanese White Pine specimen

The Colorado Spruces are taking a beating also.

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