Thursday, September 16, 2010


It's such a creative process. To take the whole of a life and somehow in secrecy (unnoticed in the moment)weave together a tapestry of dark and light...failure and triumph...pain and joy, the things that are the core of our experience, and come out with something beautiful and free. It's a creativity so indescribable it can only be seen as mystical. What's so sad though is we all have been handed a script that often keeps us fighting it all instead of embracing it, which ends up just postponing this life of awe. Maybe that's just an unavoidable part of the mystery also? Human choice seems to make timing a complicated thing.

The pain we all have experienced, those created by the acts of others and those that have come upon us through the choices and acts of our own, differ in degree from person to person. And so, the creative journey out of the damage caused by it all will most certainly look different for each of us also. One of the most important ways we can collaborate in helping one another is allowing the uniqueness to just be what it is. We must allow the experiences of others to speak to them what they are in need of hearing and it be heard in the context of the One who is orchestrating this redemption. We as unique individuals are being invited into the unique creative process that actually birthed the entire cosmos.

"When we decide to explore our lives through creative expression, it is often surprising to discover that the things that almost destroyed us are the very things that want to talk to us. It could be years later; time makes no difference in the inner sanctum of this encounter. The wound has left its imprint. And yet after all this time the dark providence of the suffering wants to somehow illuminate our lives so that we can now discover the unseen gift that it bequeathed. The labour and discipline of creativity refines our blemished seeing, and gradually an unexpected gift comes to light."~~~John O'Donohue


Sue said...

'tis a beauty, and a mystery, and a pain, and a deep, dark, challenge. A beautiful piece of heartache :)

That pic is delightful. Where comest it?

Kent said...

It's just a picture I found on the web a few years ago and just happens to be one that captures what it all feels like to I filed it away in order to draw upon it from time to time when it fits.

Kirk said...

That quote really speaks hope into a situation here right now. We are floundering through a crisis that started a week ago. The journey of the last few years has certainly helped in our reaction department. I shudder at how I would have responded a few years ago.

I really appreciate the transparency you have written with here regarding your own travels through teenagers. We had our very own crash (without the burn so far) this past Friday. It was a much different conversation, however, talking about grace and mercy instead of crime and punishment. And speaking about how to heal and restore inside of a relationship instead of from outside of it.

We spent the better part of the weekend caught in the "tyranny of our imagined future". We had two very incredible Father moments on Monday morning that really brought some much needed clarity and perspective. I was really needing to know at the heart level that Papa was in this with us (my head knew, my heart was a little further behind). I was driving to run a quick errand early Monday and turned the truck into the most glorious sunrise display I have ever experienced. Colors, clouds and crepuscular rays that seemed to be without end. As I fumbled around looking for the ever present camera, I felt a gentle nudging "just enjoy this present, you don't have to share it". At about the same time, Keli was heading to her internship. She had recently used a book with the kids in her class that talked about a "fairy ring" (circle of wild mushrooms appearing overnight in the yard where the fairies were having a party) where you stood in the middle and got whatever you wished for. The last thing she had been talking to Papa that morning about was wishing she could see something that would let her know he was with her. Turn the corner and there in the very next front yard was the biggest fairy ring she could imagine and a small gentle voice saying "I am right here beside you"

Once we realize how close he is, and how much he really loves us, especially in the middle of our mess, the less tyrannical and threatening the future seems.

Thanks again for tending this garden. I like it here.

Kent said...

I'll be praying along with you all Kirk. I'm go glad for you all that the paradigm has/is shifting from law to grace. Grace is the most creative transformational force on this planet.

Thanks you for sharing a bit of that unfolding story here.

Kirk said...

Thank you, I appreciate it.