Friday, September 10, 2010


It's been a pretty typical week around here even though no one moment ever repeats itself. Things are always in flux. Most people hate it and in turn work hard trying to keep things predictable. It's the tyranny caused by expectations. The outcome of such effort is never good and without a doubt produces copious amounts of stress and anxiety and most often leaves those caught up in the storm unable to see clearly. And even when the present conflict comes to an end, nothing is resolved and the pain lingers on, unhealed...festering.

What I'm loving about the process my family find ourselves caught up in as participants is how the time that follows a storm has changed. Yes we run into conflict. No one avoids it. No one. If humans are involved there is from time to time going to be conflict. That's a given. What makes a huge difference is the environment in which the conflicts happen. Turns out that with most people, the conflicts happen within an environment shaped by law. It leaves everyone involved damaged.

But an environment of grace creates something wholly other. Conflict still arises amongst people who are being transformed by grace. But what's different with them is that grace transforms the conflict by slipping in and bringing a clarity in regards to what's most important. At some point it seems to always bring a healing calm that allows those involved to get a glimpse of the way forward...together, while law leaves people seperated and in the fog created by the clashing of wills defined by the who's right and who's wrong paradigm.

And forget about trying to mix the two realms. They just don't mix and it just leaves people confused.

Grace takes the tangled knot created by our dysfunction and begins to untangle it without creating more damage in each of us and without pulling us as individuals apart from one another. It joins us together in a way the power and conformity paradigm can never accomplish.

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