Monday, September 13, 2010


The culture in which we live knows not what grace is and has become severe and harsh, and that is largely due to fear and it being uncomfortable with mystery, so instead, sets us out on a course to find certitude...or as John O'Donohue says it; "it wants to unriddle and control the unknown."

Religion is equally a troubling partner in this adventure in missing the point. It sets people up to head out on a path (usually a program) to learn how to be what they must be in order to be in God's good graces...'safe inside his will'...and the malforming effects of it all leaves people completely incapable of spontaneity, something that is vital when it comes to following the Spirit and simply being.

Religion and culture are all about achievement so they never allow the necessary space for us to find what we are in need of doing....letting go. Forcing oneself to go at it harder is the loudest prevailing ridiculous voice we all face and as long as we follow that voice we will never come to find what it means to simply be. The ego hates this and will never accept it. The ego is actually what is receiving the eviction notion when we make the decision to let go.

Only when we take the risk in stepping out of it all will we come to rest and find out that what we have been chasing all along wasn't what we were in need of. And what we were in need of has been right here with us all along...just waiting for us to return home.


Sue said...

It's astounding and disturbing how massive our egoes are in this culture - without us really even realising it.

Thankfully, plenty is changing in that regard even whilst plenty is staying the same :)

Love the selection of quotes on your sidebar. Edible.

zinger said...

Hey Kent,

I've noticed that our culture is thriving on harshness. From how we debate our political agenda to how we relate to our neighbour. I think we need more gardens like yours for people to take time to reflect on their lives. However even if there were such places I doubt that people would take advantage of them. By the way I love the picture at the top of your blog. Is that from your garden?

Rich said...


Enjoyed your thoughts very much.

Not only did Jesus (the Word made flesh) step into our world, he by clothing himself with our humanity likewise stepped into and invaded our “culture!”
Grace in the person of Christ, (is a living mystery calling out to those like us who are blinded by the prince of the air), in and through the many that were born out of Jesus having been the first born son!

Kent said...

yes zinger, that is a water feature in my garden.

The harshness is just a picture of the frustration fear and unsettledness that fills people's head and heart.

Kent said...

Sue, some are...some aren't. It's riding on the horns of the human dilemma