Monday, September 27, 2010


While out doing some necessary things this morning, one of those cool moments happened. Out in front of me in the distance, a flock of snow geese broke out of several different V-formations and formed into one whole. A beautiful and wild choreographed grey-to-white-flowing-back-and-forth-dance played out as I was driving towards them. And just moments before they would have been right above me, they broke out of that dance, and with such ease and grace formed several different groups once again and headed off in a more efficient formation.

What made it even more interesting was Over The Rhine's beautiful/haunting song Fireflies had just begun to play. From the first time I heard this song the line that is repeated over and over...My memory will not fail me now...has stuck with me. I was emerging out of a very raw season at the time. I later heard Linford explain the idea that gave birth to the song. It speaks of learning something so deeply that forgetting it is no longer a possibility. I love that.

The song playing along with the dance of the snow geese was beyond cool. The snow geese have learned something sooooo deeply that makes the migratory process such a natural rhythm for them. And yet they have the freedom to improvise. How beautiful is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh that living as we were meant to live, in such a freedom, would become so natural to us to where we too would come into concert with that wild primal rhythm. Now that would be beautiful.

You can listen to the song here

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