Saturday, October 30, 2010


If we are to find a better future, we must find a better way of moving forward together, which means the divisive human practice of acting like we/our group has secured the truth in our hands, and everyone else is living in the darkness, must be abandoned. There are two human conditions when it comes to sight. Blindness and partial sight and we all carry around both of those inside us. I need/we all need the other pushing back against my/our words that I/we think are accurate. And as Jacques Ellul says, even that is still like the quivering arrow in a compass never completely settling on true north/south/east or west. That's the best, the closest we get in regards to the truth as long as we are walking around in these earth suits.

So maybe truth, when looked at in this Primal Light, really does need to take a back seat to love and grace and understanding? I think we would all then end up stunned at how close we would begin to find ourselves in regards to the Truth.

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