Monday, October 18, 2010


We've lost our imagination. We even act like the Creator has also lost their own imagination that gave birth to the cosmos....and it all too often leaves us living dulled lives that are destructive in regards to the things we are in need of. We end up living like tamed caged subjects performing instead of living, and the performance isn't that impressive.

One of the things that makes this human experience strange is how we all seem to have the same longing inside us and most often are caught up in a human activity that is universal and the results seem to be universal as well and rarely is the longing ever met. I've heard it described before as the greatest sin...."A life unlived"...always preparing for life, thinking we are going to find it up ahead, out there somewhere, when we are able to order all the moving parts to coalesce in a way that will magically make it all happen. Unfortunately it seems the happening we all are waiting for in order for our lives to be "happy" has all been shaped by the lie and carried along by that lie.

Both ways of being, of living in this world, are dangerous. There's no way of avoiding the danger. We either stay on the path traveled by most that always gives birth to a destructive environment where we spend our time acting out in destructive ways towards ourselves and those around us....or we come to a place where the pain of all of that becomes wearying enough and we chose to abandon that road and instead choose to entrust our very being into the hands of a dangerous Love/Beauty that will undo inside us all of that familiar adventure we have been caught up in...always left missing the point.

And for myself this has nothing to do with finding out what the Creator's will is for my life or yours. That's just another part of the dull life many of us have been caught up in. This to me has begun to feel more like allowing the very imagination that gave birth to all that is good and right and lovely to enter into me..or maybe it's better said this awaken to that imagination that has been there all along...waiting to be awakened and set free.

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