Friday, October 29, 2010


‎"The beginning often holds the clue to everything that follows. Given the nature of our beginning, it's no wonder our hearts are imbued with longing for beauty, meaning, order, creativity, compassion and love. We approach the world with a roster of longings, and expect that in some way the world will respond and confirm our desire. Our longing knows it cannot force the fulfillment of it's desires; yet it does instinctively expect that primal benevolence will respond to it. This is the threshold where blessing comes alive."

‎"The human eye falls in love with the enthralling plenitude of the visible. This fascination is addictive; then almost immediately our amnesia in relation to the invisible sets in. In our day to day lives we continually fail to recognize the invisible light that renders the whole visible world luminous."
"~~~~John O'Donohue

The beauty, abundance and creativity of nature and the kindness seen at her beginning is always, in a whisper, revealing this to us.

When I read the above quote from John's book, To Bless The Space Between Us, the pictures of this nature photographer came to mind. Check out the slide show HERE

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