Sunday, October 17, 2010


The solitary ebb and flow of this afternoon has left me at times flipping back through the pages of memory that was this past year. It's no longer surprising to me that the moments that feel most significant were those moments defined by subtly. And most of those moments were of such a nature....the kind of things/beautiful things, I missed for the most part during my first forty two years.

Without being fully aware of it, a garden full of beautiful subtly ended up emerging here. Most people though, walk through this garden and miss that aspect of it. They instead enjoy what I would call the surface of the garden, and there is much there to catch the eye and enjoy. But that's a product of this culture. It's left people with very little capacity to linger. To see beyond...into. I've come to find that there is a beauty that works on a completely different level. A beauty that will confound the senses and leave the heart and soul and mind changed, really changed, in those who learn the art of slowing the pace and learning to linger.

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