Sunday, November 07, 2010


For a month now, I have been adding to the fall photo album. And every day when I step out of this house, I step out into a different landscape. Certain times of the year, this reality become undeniably apparent. Fall is one such time. But what really astounds me is that even during the seasons when the change is less visible, the landscape from one moment to the next is never the same. It's in constant motion of change. Everything is. Even we humans.

What amazes me about the natural world is the natural rhythm it displays. It moves through these changes with ease. It's painfully obvious that we humans don't move along the path with the same grace. The landscape is not afraid. Neither does it hang onto yesterday. Nor does it live in a frenetic pace to get to tomorrow. If we humans could just learn that....beautiful changes would be set in motion.

“Every life is braided with luminous moments” John O'Donohue

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