Friday, November 05, 2010


"Hope Against Darkness" Richard Rohr

"Once we lose the sense of inherent value, we have lost all hope of encountering true value, much less the Holy. Even people of religion, if they do not pray, will normally regress to an "exchange value" reading of religion. It is no longer a Great Mystery, mystic union and transformation, but merely social order and control. Moral codes and priesthoods are enlisted for the sake of enforcement and some measure of civility. For many, if not most, Western Christians, it is basically a "Crime and Punishment" scenario instead of the "Grace and Mercy" world that Jesus proclaims.

This is the only way that the postmodern Christian can put shape into this basically shapeless, bad novel called human life. It looks like an answer, or even gospel, but it is the sad old story line of most of history: The big and strong win; Prometheus passes as Jesus. I must admit this was the only gospel I heard in my early seminary training. What a relief to finally study the Gospels and observe the real transformative patterns in humanity!"

Please don't ever settle for conformity over real transformation and don't ever think if you haven't fit well within those boundaries that you are not important and valuable to God. Inner transformation is the only thing Jesus is interested in. Trying to clean up the outside is not where it is at and actually anybody who is really honestly looking at you can see through it anyway. The only people that even seem sometimes willing to except that false game are those who are playing the same religious game with you.

There is a life that will transform us and it is found in Him and it requires us to be real. Let God bust your illusions. Let him free you from the tyranny of feeling you must always be in control when in actuality you are not in control of anything. Let his grace and mercy work deep within you and do something this dangerous model of conformity never can do.

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