Tuesday, December 21, 2010


With no consideration, no pity, no shame
They've built walls all around me, thick and high
And now I sit here feeling hopeless
I can't think of anything else

This fate gnaws my mind
Because I had so much to do outside

When they were building the walls
How could I have not noticed
But I never heard the builders, not a sound
Imperceptibly they've closed me off from the outside world
.~~~C.P. Cavafy

"That's a devastatingly strong poem because it acknowledges and mirrors and recognizes something that has happened to all of us. Like there's no doubt about it through our complicity with other people's expectations or images of us, we've often allowed them to house us in completely. And Cavafy says so poignantly and each of us can say it about ourselves, when they were building the walls, how could I have not noticed? Of course it's a great moment of liberation when you are able to say that to yourself...about your political views, your values, your religious beliefs, your views of yourself. When you're able to say that, then you already have one foot on the springtime of new freedom and possibility." John O'Donohue

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