Sunday, October 31, 2010


What a contrast. While out taking a walk through a few neighborhood gardens on this beautiful fall morning, the thoughts that led to this blog post from back in July came to mind. The charged atmospere of a political election season, combined with the charged atmosphere created by the threat of terrorism and the crazed... beating of the war drums set to oppose it, along with all the economic uncertainty, has a way of leaving people a bit on edge. As someone to whom this use to apply, it's encouraging to be able to say that it doesn't anymore. There's just far more important things to attend to that require my mind be free of the fear created by the noise of the other.

Here's the blog post from July I was alluding to. FACING THE COMPLEXITY

Saturday, October 30, 2010


If we are to find a better future, we must find a better way of moving forward together, which means the divisive human practice of acting like we/our group has secured the truth in our hands, and everyone else is living in the darkness, must be abandoned. There are two human conditions when it comes to sight. Blindness and partial sight and we all carry around both of those inside us. I need/we all need the other pushing back against my/our words that I/we think are accurate. And as Jacques Ellul says, even that is still like the quivering arrow in a compass never completely settling on true north/south/east or west. That's the best, the closest we get in regards to the truth as long as we are walking around in these earth suits.

So maybe truth, when looked at in this Primal Light, really does need to take a back seat to love and grace and understanding? I think we would all then end up stunned at how close we would begin to find ourselves in regards to the Truth.

Friday, October 29, 2010


‎"The beginning often holds the clue to everything that follows. Given the nature of our beginning, it's no wonder our hearts are imbued with longing for beauty, meaning, order, creativity, compassion and love. We approach the world with a roster of longings, and expect that in some way the world will respond and confirm our desire. Our longing knows it cannot force the fulfillment of it's desires; yet it does instinctively expect that primal benevolence will respond to it. This is the threshold where blessing comes alive."

‎"The human eye falls in love with the enthralling plenitude of the visible. This fascination is addictive; then almost immediately our amnesia in relation to the invisible sets in. In our day to day lives we continually fail to recognize the invisible light that renders the whole visible world luminous."
"~~~~John O'Donohue

The beauty, abundance and creativity of nature and the kindness seen at her beginning is always, in a whisper, revealing this to us.

When I read the above quote from John's book, To Bless The Space Between Us, the pictures of this nature photographer came to mind. Check out the slide show HERE

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I had spent most of my life searching for the right combination of external things and truth in order to find peace and rest and all along all I was doing was violence to my heart, soul and mind, hurting myself and others along the way. When all along I already had what I needed. And all I was in need of was to just awaken to it.

That's not a bad train of thought to be caught up in this evening while watching the daylight come to an end.

Monday, October 18, 2010


We've lost our imagination. We even act like the Creator has also lost their own imagination that gave birth to the cosmos....and it all too often leaves us living dulled lives that are destructive in regards to the things we are in need of. We end up living like tamed caged subjects performing instead of living, and the performance isn't that impressive.

One of the things that makes this human experience strange is how we all seem to have the same longing inside us and most often are caught up in a human activity that is universal and the results seem to be universal as well and rarely is the longing ever met. I've heard it described before as the greatest sin...."A life unlived"...always preparing for life, thinking we are going to find it up ahead, out there somewhere, when we are able to order all the moving parts to coalesce in a way that will magically make it all happen. Unfortunately it seems the happening we all are waiting for in order for our lives to be "happy" has all been shaped by the lie and carried along by that lie.

Both ways of being, of living in this world, are dangerous. There's no way of avoiding the danger. We either stay on the path traveled by most that always gives birth to a destructive environment where we spend our time acting out in destructive ways towards ourselves and those around us....or we come to a place where the pain of all of that becomes wearying enough and we chose to abandon that road and instead choose to entrust our very being into the hands of a dangerous Love/Beauty that will undo inside us all of that familiar adventure we have been caught up in...always left missing the point.

And for myself this has nothing to do with finding out what the Creator's will is for my life or yours. That's just another part of the dull life many of us have been caught up in. This to me has begun to feel more like allowing the very imagination that gave birth to all that is good and right and lovely to enter into me..or maybe it's better said this awaken to that imagination that has been there all along...waiting to be awakened and set free.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


The solitary ebb and flow of this afternoon has left me at times flipping back through the pages of memory that was this past year. It's no longer surprising to me that the moments that feel most significant were those moments defined by subtly. And most of those moments were of such a nature....the kind of things/beautiful things, I missed for the most part during my first forty two years.

Without being fully aware of it, a garden full of beautiful subtly ended up emerging here. Most people though, walk through this garden and miss that aspect of it. They instead enjoy what I would call the surface of the garden, and there is much there to catch the eye and enjoy. But that's a product of this culture. It's left people with very little capacity to linger. To see beyond...into. I've come to find that there is a beauty that works on a completely different level. A beauty that will confound the senses and leave the heart and soul and mind changed, really changed, in those who learn the art of slowing the pace and learning to linger.

Friday, October 15, 2010


The weather along with the landscape is beautiful here. Day # 4 & 5 of my work week are always easy because I choose to do half days, but once a month I take day # 4 & 5 off and make it a 4 day weekend for myself. This just happens to be one of those weekends.

It really does feel like I have gained my time and my mind back from the 'o...l familiar frantic pace I used to run. Turned out to be that all of that pace was maintained through a paradigm of fear and greed....what would happen to me if I didn't keep it up...and all the things the ridiculous voices kept telling me I needed or wanted. I found release from that fear and that greed.

Being present right here---right now makes living possible.

The world cannot be discovered by a journey of miles...
only by a spiritual journey...
by which we arrive at the ground at our feet
and learn to be at home."~~~
Wendell Berry

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


We are surrounded by astounding beauty, but too often live caught up in human activities that distract from it instead of leaving us living in awe. It's a bountiful shared trust the sideshow causes us to misunderstand and leaves us acting out in abusive ways towards it. And at a pace of one individual at a time this Beauty sets out to awaken us. When you step into the mystery of it all, your heart, soul and mind can't help but be set free and healed.