Sunday, January 02, 2011


It's what stirs at our deepest core.
It's what makes us most vulnerable.
And what ties us to ultimate meaning.

No one escapes it.
Many manipulate it.

This most ancient desire becomes prey
In a world created out of a twisting
...of this longing.

And the soul in its search for meaning
Instead, learns to hide...unknowingly
Behind the masks of false belonging
Believing them to be true.

At first convinced it has found freedom
The false self plays and explores
With new excitement
In realms of conformity or rebellion.
And at terrible cost the hunger is veiled new levels of falsity

The paths we all traverse, are all
Paths of the long surrender

Defined by our choices
Driven by our desire to belong.
That most ancient desire...longing
Crying out from within, for us to learn
To just be who we are
...we already belong.


Dennis Swint said...

This is nice one Kent.

Kent said...

Thanks Dennis