Sunday, January 09, 2011


May you be blessed with the sense of beauty
and may beauty come and visit your life.

May you be given the grace of recognition
so that you may learn to see in a new way
all that is beautiful about you.

In the light of that beauty
may you gain a new respect for the eternal
that is alive in your, feeling, thought and action.

May you look again at the icon of your own face
and may you see there the tender and poignant presence
of an intimacy that is beautiful

When you turn your gaze inwards
may it be a kind and healing gaze

May you be gifted to be gentle so that the shy beauty
that hides in so many of the chambers of your heart
may come out and gather and focus to make a bouquet of blessings
around your head and around your life.

May you look reverently at those that are close to you
and if you have forgotten in their familiarity
the beauty that is about them
may you learn to see it again
and may you celebrate with those you love
the beauty that brought you together

May you also enrich your soul
with the beauty of great art and music

May you take your clay home, your body,
out into the generous world of nature and allow
the longing of your senses to unfurl
across the magnificent beauty
which the Divine Imagination offers to your imagination.

May you seek the truth but may you always remember
to walk hand in hand with beauty

Because beauty is truth
And truth is beauty.~~~JOHN O'DONOHUE


Sue said...

Right back atchya, almost-birthday boy.

Kent said...

Thanks Sue