Thursday, January 20, 2011


Why is it that we humans waste so much time floundering around chasing elusive (unnecessary) things when we are surrounded by the most beautiful tangible peaceful things already. And do many of us ever even notice that those beautiful things spend no time doing such a thing as waste time? I think it's because we are confused about what is beautiful and confused about what we need.
This scene outside my front door, at least to my eye, is beautiful. But even with such astounding surface beauty around me, I'm not so addicted to that to where I miss an even more important message/whisper being offered to me through it all. And I'm finding that the more I enter into it by slowing the pace externally as well as internally more and continues to give more and more to me of the things I need.


Sue said...

Did you take that photo?

Kent said...

I did just this morning after the bulk of the snow. But it was still coming down pretty good. There was just barely enough morning light available along with the backlighting from the porch light.