Monday, January 17, 2011


This morning as I drove Ellie into work something stirred my mind in such a way to where I could feel its presence on my skin and hear its music in my head. The coming birthing of spring. It's one of the things I appreciate about the memory of beauty and the wonder of possibility beauty inspires in us. Nature's tender side and her vulnerability does that to me, and even while within different seasons the remembrance of the other seasons travel with me and speak to me.

Without beauty it's understandable why humans have such a difficult time maintaining the presence of gentleness. This also leaves me confounded that so many who have immense beauty right in front of them instead seem to want to hang onto a world created out of a paradigm of aggressiveness that tramples beauty underfoot. Humans seem to be very skilled in twisting things around in such a way that allows them to justify and defend that which can't be justified or defended. We all are poorer for it.

So as Blaise Pascal encourages us to do....let us always keep something beautiful in our mind. And let us allow a dangerous wonder defined by gentleness capture our hearts and minds. And in the spirit of prophetic seeing, let us allow our imaginations to come alive in a way that would lead us to sacrifice for something better then what is now the reality of this aggressive world we live in. And if we can...we might just find ourselves caught up in the dream of the one who set this whole thing in motion. I would rather live my days caught up in that and risk being called naive as to live a life caught up in the the mess created out of the hijacking of that dream.

It's been a very cold and relentless winter season. But without a doubt...I know spring is coming and will not be denied.

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