Thursday, January 06, 2011


Your life longs to be freed
From the controls of the world
And it's conditioning.

And only you have the power, the key,

That can open the door
To let your caged life go free.


Sue said...


What comes to mind here in relation to much of Christianity at least, is that many people feel that they have no business thinking in this way because this area belongs to God, and it is presumption for them to think that they have any light or ability to be able to live in this fashion.

When really, it's always a hand-in-hand kind of deal. God is in everything, ever waiting. How can Life do any different?

Kent said...

Read back through this today Sue. Yeah...what you said.

Sue said...

Hey Kent,

Yeah, the whole thought that God is somewhere else far away, a big Sky Daddy, separate to everything else. It's interesting to me too how so much of Christianity sees anything else as being "of the devil". Sigh.