Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Don't ever let anyone convince you that you're not creative. Set your imagination free. You never know what might emerge.

It was just a couple weeks I posted on here that I had had an inspired moment in the garden. I went out to do some clean up and while out there, in my imagination, I began to see some changes to make to the garden. That led me to move one tree and from the vacant space created by that move another idea emerged. With every change made I would then spend some time sitting on the swing waiting to see if anything else would form in my minds eye. This carried on for at least 4 hours and then it came to an end.

A week later while out there the idea to move a pine from another part of the garden came to mind. This pine a few years ago had actually fallen flat on the ground and the roots were still securely planted in the soil. Before I got to it to stand it back up the new growth on it had begun to adjust to it's new orientation and I could tell that it looked like it might take on a really cool windswept look if I left it alone. So I did. It's a Japanese Black Pine. Japanese Gardens all over the world are built around this architecturally rugged beautiful tree. Today it just feels like this tree has been laying for the past few years on the ground in a hidden spot in the garden away from the gaze of human eyes preparing itself for this new location. It's going to be fun watching it develop in this little Zen inspired garden.

Then this past weekend I began to imagine a rustic carved stone Japanese Lantern finishing out the balance of this space. I didn't stick with that imagining for very long. Stone Japanese Lanterns are extremely pricey. So my mind set sail trying to come up with another possibility. But nothing felt right. My mind kept returning to a lantern. Through all my years of designing garden spaces I have spent a lot of time rummaging through stacks of all kinds of stone. I don't know when it actually happened, but before long I was actually telling myself that I could find the right stone to make a lantern myself. It took me about 30 minutes today in a local nursery close to my home to settle on 4 pieces. All that's left to do now is to drill a hole through that center block to make it look like a lantern and to spread a layer of gravel in the area and the Zen Garden will be complete. It's going to be a great place to sit in silence and rest.

Monday, March 28, 2011


There are roots that hold you firm like a strong oak
Yet the planting is in a fluency, never moored.

A strength that neither strong wind nor rushing river can move
Yet remains unencumbered and flows with ease...
As if windblown

Friday, March 25, 2011


Now Snow. And at work this morning I was greeted by the complaints flowing from people about it all.

Just as in the struggle of the transition of the seasons, life is full of struggle. Our own personal struggles/challenges and those of others we are connected to. Grace helps smooth the rough edges so as to help us cross the thresholds we are in need of crossing. And it's always helpful to remember......

"Even if at this time you are enduring through a time of bleakness...bleakness is never as bleak as it seems on the surface.

At the heart of the stripped down, a rested cold stillness of winter, there is huge movement secretly at work." ~~~
John O'Donohue

Monday, March 14, 2011


"Be inclined to watch the way of rain
When it falls slow and free."~~~John O'Donohue

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Mine this for a time and then again and again and let it work on you and set you free..........

"While we seem to have progressed to become experts in so many things---multiplying and acquiring stuff we neither need nor truly want---we have unlearned the grace of presence and belonging." John O'Donohue

Monday, March 07, 2011


"He's always out on the edges sowing and plowing and sowing the eternal garden with such subversive gentleness......You know, it is the meek that shall inherit the earth."~~~John O'Donohue

Even during the cold of winter when the conditions are inhospitable for the human activity of tilling the soil and tending to a garden, my mind is never far from it. But as winter begins to wane and spring begins to give us hints of her nearness, I really begin to feel the presence of her approaching beauty all over me along with my collaborative part in it all longing to get going. Later today I will begin the process of pulling some trees from their winter resting spot in order to remove them from their pots to root prune them. I will then place them back into the pots with fresh rich potting soil. When growing these trees this way it's a necessary process so they can thrive and remain healthy.

There's something about gardening and hanging around beauty that just feels so connected to gentleness to me. The whole idea of a future day when formerly fear crazed waring people are no longer afraid because they have awakened to the power of love and begin to beat their swords into plowshares is a lovely idea that at least in my estimation is way over due. I feel so drawn to people whose hearts have been captured by the subversive and confounding truth that it is the meek who shall inherit the earth. Blessed are the peacemakers. My heart has certainly been captured by it and for some reason, gardening just feels like a part of that. I so long for a day when God's people are no longer afraid and instead live in a way that helps untangle people of the fear that has a grip on them and has left them acting out in dehumanizing destructive ways.

So, I'm thrilled to once again have a new spring season upon me. I just love participating in it all. And I am more convinced than ever that as humans awaken to beauty they will awaken to a new way of being in the world, and that it's the hands of the subversive gentle one directing it all.

"When we discover our childlike nature, we enter into a world of gentle possibility. Consequently, we will find ourselves more frequently at that place, at that place of ease, delight, and celebration. The false burdens fall away. We come into rhythm with ourselves. Our clay shape gradually learns to walk beautifully on this magnificent earth." ~ John O'Donohue

Saturday, March 05, 2011


It doesn't look like this yet around our home. But my 48 years of experiencing winter losing her grip on the landscape with the arrival of spring tells me the transformation will happen very very soon. These days, hearing the repeated human activity of complaining about winters presence really does leave me wondering if many people ever spend any time thinking back on their experiences or if most people are just so caught up in the negative cycle of always believing there is a force that is just determined to always pester them and hold out on them?

My memory serves me way better these days then it ever did during my first 42 years of life. And I've learned that trying to control things is a waste of time, as well as is complaining, as well is trying to force and rush things. Turns out the first half of my life I was under the grip of a consciousness that had been malformed by false fields of perception. It had left me missing the obvious by keeping me tangled up in things that only served in keeping me blinded to the trustworthiness of that which is the seen world and more importantly...the unseen world.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


No inner world is the same. And no human should be allowed to shape that unique inner world that is yours. That's the delicate work that belongs to you and the Spirit of the one who brought you here.