Saturday, March 05, 2011


It doesn't look like this yet around our home. But my 48 years of experiencing winter losing her grip on the landscape with the arrival of spring tells me the transformation will happen very very soon. These days, hearing the repeated human activity of complaining about winters presence really does leave me wondering if many people ever spend any time thinking back on their experiences or if most people are just so caught up in the negative cycle of always believing there is a force that is just determined to always pester them and hold out on them?

My memory serves me way better these days then it ever did during my first 42 years of life. And I've learned that trying to control things is a waste of time, as well as is complaining, as well is trying to force and rush things. Turns out the first half of my life I was under the grip of a consciousness that had been malformed by false fields of perception. It had left me missing the obvious by keeping me tangled up in things that only served in keeping me blinded to the trustworthiness of that which is the seen world and more importantly...the unseen world.

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